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The prevention of accidents at work and diseases has become, since its founding, a basic objective and priority for Norprevención.

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Occupational Medicine

Always worried about a better care and proximity to all our customers, we have Occupational Health Clinics in each of our offices and a network of concerted clinics located throughout nationwide.

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We have available a wide range of courses in the field of prevention, precisely tailored to your needs and delivered by professionals with extensive experience in the sector.

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We analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your organization, providing everything you need to be updated on prevention tasks.

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ergonomia psicosociologia

Ergonomics and Applied Psychology

We take care of your work place and means to adapt to the worker, providing the necessary resources.

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Industrial Health

We study the physical,chemical or biological environment to prevent the development of work-related diseases.

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What is a Prevention Service?

A company that aims to provide support to other companies to ensure adequate protection of the safety and health of workers.
How: by implementing measures and developing appropriate activities necessary for the prevention of occupational hazards.

Why do you need a prevention contract?

Because it is required by Law for all companies and freelancers and help you be more competitive and reduce future costs.

How can we assist you?

As an EPS (External Prevention Service) will deal with the management of prevention organization, with a team of qualified professionals at your service.
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About Us: A Brief History of Norprevención

Norprevención, SL, is born as a Society accredited Occupational Risk Prevention on June 1999.

From that time up to nowdays Norprevención has experienced tremendous growth, and at present with around two hundred professionals distributed Delegations by the autonomous communities of Galicia, Castilla y Leon, Madrid, Asturias and Catalonia, placing as first External Prevention Service of Galicia in number of companies and the first in this region to get the final accreditation to practice preventive activity throughout the national territory.

Throughout these years, we have collaborated on many projects in prevention:

  • Participating actively to improve safety and health in all our businesses.
  • Collaborating in training activities aimed at controlling production processes at the level of occupational risk prevention.
  • Promoting business participation in discussion forums aimed at reducing workplace accidents.



Our mission is to promote the overall health and safety of workers through the implementation of measures and the development of the activities necessary for the prevention of work-related risks, in a participatory and effective way.



As a Prevention Risk Company we have consolidated a human and innovative vision on prevention and a commitment to always offer the best to our customers, offering advice in the four specialties:

  • Work Safety
  • Industrial Health
  • Ergonomics and Applied Psychology
  • Health Surveillance


  • Team spirit and multidisciplinary work.
  • People with expertise and accredited training.
  • Personal attention and confidential employees in all matters relating to your work.
  • Advice to governing bodies, safety representatives and others related to the prevention of occupational risks.
  • Trust and credibility generated by workers.